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A Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund
A large gathering attends the launch of our memorial book 'Pembroke Remembers' Committee of Pembroke and Monkton Local History Society

We have now completed this project with the launch of ‘Pembroke Remembers:  a Memorial publication recalling the part played by Pembroke and District in The Great War and recording some of the local events marking the Centenary of the War' at Pembroke Town Hall on November 9th.

Proceedings were introduced by Society President Frank Harries BEM who welcomed all present and gave a warm welcome to Lynne Edwards and volunteers of the VC Gallery, Pembroke Dock who had been invited to bring along an exhibition of their art.  Lynne explained the work of the VC Gallery, which acts as a welfare and support hub for veterans, organising also workshops to enrich the wider community through art and creativity.  Also welcomed were guest speaker, Dr Simon Hancock, and special guest, D-Day Veteran Ted Owens, whose memoirs were published by the Society earlier this year.


Volunteers of the VC Gallery One of the displays at the event

A great deal of material was amassed during the course of the year forming the basis of this book.  Written by Society Chairman, Linda Asman and edited by Keith Johnson, the book opens with ‘a Nation’s Tribute’ November 11th 2018, when communities throughout the land took part in an act of commemoration.  It then looks back one hundred years to the outbreak of WW1 which saw the influx of thousands of troops into this area due to the strategic importance of Milford Haven and the Royal Dockyard. 

Linda commented “It is not the intention of this book to be a history of the War itself: there have been many books written about World War One, especially during the years of centenary 2014 -18.  My aim has been to look at the effects of that momentous conflict on our local area and its people and in this I have been fortunate for the help given by people who are experts in their field.  A big thank you also to the many people who have participated in the project and supplied information and photographs. And, of course, the support of the hard working History Society Committee”.

The book is lavishly illustrated and will undoubtedly form an invaluable local resource, shining a light on a period in our past about which little has been written. The Museum in Pembroke Town Hall now has an archive dedicated to WW1 as well as a display of artefacts. Without this project, so much would have been lost.

Our project began with investigating the identities of those named on Pembroke Cenotaph.  How can we say 'Lest we forget' unless we know who they are ?  Click on the image below to open the book - and if you have any information to add, please contact us.  There are still some people we cannot identify, including one women - Nurse Williams.  Who was she? Our work will continue.  We will also now be investigating the WW2 fallen and add their names to our Book of Remembrance.

Unveiling of Pembroke Cenotaph Martin French June 1924 the unveiling of Pembroke Cenotaph

Throughout the year we have been building an archive of photographs and these have been exhibited in an ongoing exhibition in St Mary's Church as well as smaller displays at local events.  Above are photographs of the unveiling of Pembroke Cenotaph in June 1924.  Below, our exhibition in St Mary's Church and stall at the Pembroke Show.

WW1 exhibition in St Marys Church by Pembroke and Monkton Local History Society


On  Saturday morning, November 10th, as part of Pembroke’s week of Commemoration, Pembroke&Monkton Local History Society held an event in Pembroke Town Hall. It was extremely well supported by the community with over 100 attending.

Proceedings began with an introduction by Linda Asman, Chairman, who gave an overview of the Society’s Heritage Lottery funded project: ‘Pembroke Commemorates the Centery of end of WW1 – in Words, Pictures, Art and Film’.  This is a wide ranging project which began with a desire to research the identities of the Fallen whose names are inscribed on Pembroke Cenotaph and War Memorials. This will result in a Book of Remembrance, copies to be placed in each of our Parish Churches. Another line of research was the effect of WW1 on Pembroke and district to result in another book ‘Pembroke Commemorates’ which will be published next year. An exhibition can be seen in St Mary’s Church.

Pauline Le Britton then described the school’s project. In order to make the project more accessible to children, she had engaged them in an art work to celebrate the lives of some of the soldiers named on Pembroke Cenotaph. The whole process has been filmed by Sharron Harris and an extract was shown.

WW1 was effectively brought to our own doorstep with U-boat action off our shores and David James next spoke about his mission to highlight this, describing his campaign to restore the memorial in Angle Churchyard dedicated to the victims of a Japanese merchant ship Hirano Maru.


There followed the highlight of the morning: Sharron Harris presenting the first screening  of films she had made with local people talking about their family WW1 memories.  Participating in this were Maggie Haggar, Jackie Crossman, Marcia James, Meg Hardy, George Palmer and Dilys Hanmer. (top photo left)

In concluding, Linda Asman stated her opinion that, when commemorating the Fallen, it is important to remember those who, at the present time, have returned from conflict needing help. To this end, the Society has supported the ‘There but not There Tommy’ campaign, raising money to erect a 6 foot silhouette outside St Mary’s Church.  Inside the Church are 5 transparent Tommys sitting in the pews which accompany a beautiful exhibition of candles entitled ‘Field of the Fallen’: each candle painted with a poppy and each bearing the name of one of Pembroke’s  WW1 Fallen Heroes. The Society worked with the VC Gallery, Pembroke Dock, to create this art installation  and, in support of this excellent charity, a raffle was held which raised £115.

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There is still research to be done but the Society is pleased to have shone a light on a period of our local history which was not at all well documented. If you have any photographs and stories relating to this project, please contact the Society on pembrokehistory@live.co.uk or Linda on 0758 4429224












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