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The idea originated from the need to improve the environment of Pembroke Millpond, a cause for public concern.  Reeds growing out of control and green algal bloom covering the waters of Pembroke Millpond are problems which Pembroke Town Council is seeking to resolve.  Last year a new Millpond Group was formed to find solutions to these problems.

Working alongside these organisations, we believe that a fountain would help aerate the waters of the Millpond to improve the water quality with a beneficial effect on the local landscape and pond life.

Pembroke & Monkton Local History Society has obtained funding from LEADER to explore this idea:

  1. Explore the design and technology involved in the fountain’s working and construction
  2. Involve the local schools in a STEAM project
  3. Build a working maquette - (small scale working model)



It will be a fitting sculpture for a town branding itself as the birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty. 

The supporters of the Tudor Coat of Arms are the Welsh Dragon and the White Greyhound. 

The Henry Tudor statue on the Mill Bridge features the greyhound – we need the Welsh Dragon to complete the picture.

Artist Joanna Burton with pupils of Golden Grove School Learning about pumps with teacher Paris Rouse


The maquette of the dragon has been made by local sculptor Gideon Petersen.

We would like to organise a public consultation to invite community views but, because of COVID-19 restrictions, this is not possible at the present time.  However, we are exhibiting our Dragon in the shop window next to Brown's Cafe in Pembroke Main Street, by kind permission of Mrs Glynis Brown, so that he can be on public view - a practical demonstration of its workings will have to wait until our future meeting.

If you would like to offer any comment, please contact Pembroke Town Hall or email us on pembrokehistory@live.co.uk

The dragon maquette

Note: good news!

Pembroke Environment & Millpond Group working in junction with Pembroke Town Council and Pembrokeshire County Council has managed to secure a grant from the Local Places for Nature, a Welsh Government Grant administered by the WCVA to undertake

  1. The removal of the algal bloom
  2. Cutting back the reeds
  3. Digging a silt trap
  4. To provide a new dipping platform

A management plan will be implemented to enable the Mill Ponds Group to manage the Ponds in future years. The first stage will be the removal of the algae, which is due to commence in mid August followed by the management of the reeds in late September/early October.



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  William Marshal maquette

We have successfully applied to Pembrokeshire County Council for a grant towards our William Marshal statue campaign.  £30,000 has been awarded from the 'Enhancing Pembrokeshire' Fund, money raised from the second homes tax to add value to communities by supporting new projects.  So we can look forward now to give the go ahead to begin work on the full size statue - many thanks to Richard Evans for his efforts in helping to secure the grant and to Kevin Shales, PCC's Community Development Officer.

Our campaign began at a public meeting in Pembroke Town Hall on Saturday, February 2nd, last year when the idea was launched.  This was an opportunity for the community to come together to have their say and to examine the maquette (miniature model) of the William Marshal statue, which was presented by sculptor Harriet Addyman. The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic with over a hundred people attending.  Comments and suggestions were welcomed and the finished maquette has been modified accordingly.

The launch of the William Marshal appeal

Pictured here at the Launch event are:  Pembroke Mayor, Cllr Linda Brown, Society Chairman Linda Asman and President Frank Harris, Harriet Addyman, Pauline Le Brittain and Rose Blackburn.

The maquette was commissioned by the History Society after having received a very large donation of £25,000 from Wales Community CIC. Having been impressed by the Henry VII statue, the money was conditional on being invested in another statue commemorating one of Pembroke's great figures - there are many!  As with the Henry VII statue campaingn, this is a community wide project and popular with the community. The Society is working in partnership with Pembroke Town Council which has adopted the project and which will be admininstering the statue fund. 

Throughout last year we promoted the statue at community events, raising awareness and inviting donations.  It is enormously satisfying that we are now able to proceed with the project.

At the William Marshal Festival, Pembroke Castle At Pembroke Show At the concert of Pembroke Male Voice Choir
Johns sponsored abseil down Pembroke keep At the William Marshal festival At the Christmas Market, Pembroke Castle

William Marshal was a great figure in our history:  in a remarkable career, he rose from penniless younger son of a minor noble to Regent of England; after winning fame as tournament champion, warrior and statesman who was unswervingly loyal to 4 kings. Despite having been celebrated in his own lifetime, William was lost in history for many centuries and it has been comparatively recently that his place in history has been acknowldeged.  Yet William Marshal was central to the negotiations that led to Magna Carta in 1215 and, on King John's death in 1216, he became Regent of England and guardian of the boy king Henry 111 - at the age 70!  Straight away he defeated a French invasion at the Battle of Lincoln and, after having restored peace, he re-issued Magna Carta under his own seal, thus ensuring its survival.  On his death in 1219, the then Archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton declared him to be 'the Greatest Knight to be found in all the world'.



in words, pictures, art and film.


The Centenary of WW1, 1914-18, served to focus all our minds on that traumatic period in our history and urged us to find out more about the men and women who lived through it.  As a result, members of Pembroke & Monkton Local History Society launched a multi media project with the title ‘Pembroke commemorates the WW1 Centenary: in words, pictures, art and film’ which was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and which commenced in February 2018 with a public event in Pembroke Town Hall. 

The Project aimed to raise awareness of the impact of the Great War on Pembroke and district, reaching out to the community by holding events, exhibitions, workshops, articles in the local press and talks to community groups.We wanted to engage both young and all and were able to fund professional artist Pauline Le Brittain to take the project into schools and community film maker Sharron Harries to capture memories on film. We were keen to develop the project into art. As well as the schools art project, a community workshop was held with the VC Gallery to develop an art installation in St Mary’s Church alongside our WW1 exhibition.

We have now completed our project with the publication of ‘Pembroke Remembers:  a Memorial Publication recalling the part played by Pembroke and District in The Great War and recording some of the local events marking the Centenary of the War'.

We have organised a Commemoration event in Pembroke Town Hall on Saturday, November 9th during to launch the book.  Dr Simon Hancock will give an illustrated talk on 'The Great Peace' and there will be an exhibition of work by the VC Gallery.




The HLF grant just received is our 3rd successful application to the Heritage Lottery.  Thanks to a 'Sharing Your Heritage' grant from the HLF,last year we were able to create a Digital Town Trail. 

2015 saw the launch of the new Pembroke Town Trail, a project of Pembroke Town Council Regeneration Committee and match funded by Pembrokeshire County Council's Town Centre Support Programme. Originated by Pembroke Civic Trust, the Trail starts at Pembroke Town Hall which houses the Museum and the Pembroke Murals and is marked out in 30 bronze plaques set into the pavements along the route.  The attractive Town Trail booklet was produced by Society Chairman Linda Asman, on behalf of the Civic Trust, with illustrations and fold out map by local artist and Society President George Lewis. It can be obtained from Pembroke Town Hall, Castle, TIC and costs just £1.50. All proceeds in support of Pembroke Museum

Now with funding from the Heritage Lottery, last year we launched the Digital Town Trail.  Working with Modern Print, Pembroke Dock, a new website has been made which enables you to explore Pembroke digitally - it can be accessed via plaques bearing QR codes sited around the town. As an added plus, the Trail is bi-lingual in Welsh and English.  To find our more, go to https://www.pembroketowntrail.wales

Pembroke Museum volunteers try out the new digital trail Cover of Pembroke Town Trail Linda Asman and George Lewis who between them produced the booklet




Our first HLF grant enabled us to fund the publication of our digital storytelling project.  A community project in the true sense of the word, this impressive work involved collecting and recording stories from 45 Pembroke people, stories which, put together, form a social history of our times, a picture of life in Pembroke from many perspectives.  Digital stories are short films of around 3-4 minutes in length and, combining voice with photographs, are an effective way of conveying memories and social change - now available for all to share as a DVD.  The stories have also been printed in book format: the DVD is free with the purchase of the book - see publications page

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