Pembroke Castle and Town by Linda Asman Pembroke Castle at dawn by Linda Asman Pembroke Castle by Linda Asman

Pembroke is a medieval town dating back to the Norman Conquest, and is still dominated by its Norman Castle.

Pemrboke barrage by Linda Asman - in this place Turner painted Pembroke Castle by JMW Turner engraved by T Jeavons c1830


After the Civil War in 1648 the Castle was slighted by Cromwell.  The ivy clad ruins, still majestic, captured the interest of artists who came to paint it including J M W Turner.


1785 Francis Grose Gate of Pembroke Castle Part of the Bucks panorama 1747 Pembroke Castle and part of town by Charles Norris 1817


Fortunately the Castle was bought and extensively renovated by Sir Ivor Philipps in the late 1920s and is one of the tourist attractions of Wales.



Pembroke’s medieval ruins are there to be seen; it is still recognisable as a typical medieval settlement with its castle, town surrounded by walls,

Barnards Tower and town wall The medieval cottages Westgate Hill


and a little distance away in Monkton, remains of its medieval abbey buildings. 

Monkton Priory Church by Linda Asman Monkton Priory Church before restoration
The Old Hall Monkton by Linda Asman Monkton Priory Farmhouse The old dovecote Priory Farm Monkton by Linda Asman Remains of the old Monkton Priory


Hard to believe now, Pembroke was a great port which grew prosperous in the middle ages due to its royal charters and privileges.  Even in the 18th Century, it was declared one of the richest, flourishing ports in South West Wales.  All gone now, but memories remain of the once flourishing coastal trade.  The Kathleen & May made that last trip in 1960, still held in great affection by Pembroke people.

Kathleen & May at the North Quay
The South Quay Pembroke 1895 Kathleen&May unloading at the North Quay Kathleen and May at the North Quay

A mill once stood on the Mill Bridge, old stone buildings stood along the quayside … all gone now.

South Quay and mill The Old Mill on Pembroke Mill Bridge Peter Hurlow-Jones The old Mill Pembroke

Now a barrage acts as a barrier to shipping but the annual River Rally reminds us of those times and gives new life to Pembroke.

Pembroke and Pembroke Dock Mayors at the Pembroke River Rally by Linda Asman Pembroke River Rally by Linda Asman

The historic core of Pembroke, Main Street, may have seen more prosperous days but in essence not a lot has changed.  Pembroke, perched on a narrow limestone headland, has one long street surrounded by town walls.

St Marys Church Pembroke by Linda Asman